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Value-Oriented Property Remodeling

At Dhodge Home Improvement Contractor, LLC, remodeling always begins with curb appeal in mind. Like property appraisers anywhere in and around Danbury, Connecticut, we focus on the role that property maintenance plays in generating more value.

Consider all of these factors whenever planning remodeling and home improvement projects. We’d be delighted to share what we know and recommend the services that could bring the results you desire for commercial and residential building projects.

Remodeling and Renovation

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Design updates and upgrades beautify and add value to homes. These two home areas are the very first rooms that property appraisers view.

Walk-In Closets

As you add more pieces to your wardrobe, the need for more storage space becomes paramount. Update designs to make the most of the building project.

Wood & Tile Flooring

With its rustic elegance, wood floors also provide home interiors and exteriors with a subtle warmth that’s so organic and relaxing. We also install tile floors depending on the look you are going for.

Interior Painting

Hit the reset button on home interiors with walls that have become old, dull, and dated. Go for new color palettes that are in vogue.

New Cabinets

Make more storage space in home or business properties. Have some installed with form, function, flow, and flair in mind.

Exterior Painting

Refresh property exteriors. Say yes to new wall paint colors and bring back the new-house wow.

Outdoor Living Space Renovations & Remodeling

Decks and Patios

Create new living spaces outdoors where you can entertain party guests. You can also convert quiet home exteriors into relaxation hubs for everyone in the household.

Tile Floors

Easy to maintain and clean, tile floors also last long and lend more charm to property interiors and exteriors.

Sidewalks and Fences

Walk safely to and away from the house with professionally engineered sidewalks free from potentially dangerous obstructions. Have fences erected to control access to your yard and other entry points.

Retaining Walls

Protect property structures from erosion and sagging. Make sure that retaining walls are well-engineered.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

Power Washing

Wash away tough dirt and grime in areas that are the most difficult to tidy up. Power washing gets the cleaning done quickly and more effectively.

Deck Repairs

Think proactively about safety in deck areas. Allow us to make timely repairs.

Patio Repairs

Don't let disrepair and negligence diminish the value of the real estate. Patio repair and maintenance solutions bring the desired results.

Select the Services You Need

Let us know the home improvement services you need. We’d be delighted to recommend practical options for you to consider.